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Her Hell No Cowboy

Harland County Series/Hell Yeah KW
Crossover Novella/Book 10/Lincoln

Keeping it light has never involved more heart


Ever since his first deployment, Lincoln McCall came home a changed man, swapping life philosophies with his twin brother. No more playing it safe, or by the rules, or looking for “Miss Right”. Hell no. But holding onto that concept is hard after Linc fell into a pool with his arms full of the one that got away.

Coming out of the fog from her husband’s death, Ashely Patterson wants to live a little, have fun…feel alive. So when the sexy cowboy she crushed on in her youth hires her to work on his house, she gives herself permission to enjoy the attraction sizzling between them…after all, she’s only there temporarily, and he doesn’t do relationships.

But when their feelings turn serious, she’s in a heap of trouble. Linc is in the military. So was her husband and that got him killed. She can’t risk her heart to another man who could deploy and never return. Hell no. It was better to leave and take her heart with her.

Now, if only she could figure out how to get the cowboy to give it back.

Cover photo by Cover Me Photography with Orestis Papapetrou

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  1. Julia Porter August 7, 2017 at 5:34 am - Reply

    I was wondering if your book Her Hell No Cowboy was available on nook? I’ve read all your other Harland County books but can’t find this one on Nook. Enjoyed them all but I did find an error in a couple of them Kade is talked about as first sergeant but then also called Captain in the same sentence only a military person would catch it.

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