Project Description

Locke and Load

Former Naval Intelligence Officer Lt. Nicole Locke’s assignment to assist in a murder investigation, puts her face-to-face with the only man she ever loved—the man she was forced to jilt in order to save his life.

Det. Cage Burnett vows to do whatever it takes to bring down his partner’s killer, even work with the woman who crushed his heart four years earlier when she left him for another man. The dangerous investigation rekindles their desire, but when someone from Nikki’s past reappears and threatens Cage’s future, once again, Locke is loaded with determination to keep the man she loves alive.

Don’t miss the rest of the dangerous heroines and their hot heroes in Knight’s SEAL-KW, and coming soon–Rescued HARTE, Hungry for JUSTICE and Forbidden KNIGHT by NYT & USA Today bestselling author Donna Michaels.

Each story in the series is a standalone.