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Royally Unleashed

NY TIMES & USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Royally Unleashed Royally Unleashed Series/Book 1: Duncan Heat index: Hot Empath, Pilar Kempe’s desire to keep the world safe and find her missing cousin leads her to a royal palace full of lies, deceit, and a prince capable of igniting her own primal need.

Inherently distrustful of royalty, Pilar finds the Nicorov brothers no different when her empathic abilities pick up on half truths, lies, and dark secrets. So why does she have this urge to get primal with the devastatingly attractive oldest brother, Duncan? She can tolerate his arrogance, and even the possibility of his connection to the supernatural realm, but what Pilar can’t accept is his title—Prince.

She’s learned, the hard way, they are not to be trusted. Deliverer of justice, Pavelonian prince Duncan Nicorov struggles to keep his dark secret and that of his family while helping a huntress search for her missing cousin. Oldest of three brothers and first in line for the throne, Duncan takes guarding his family and their secrets very serious, so why is he drawn to Pilar, the sexy empath, knowing the danger she poses to his family and his heart? Sensing her attraction only adds fuel to his already blazing desire.

Would she still feel the same if she knew his secret and what really happened to her cousin?





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