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Hunter (HC Heroes Series: Book 8)

Rel. 1/26/21
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Leaving the military had always been in Hunter Donovan future—either by casket or choice–turns out, it was choice. Early on, he made a promise to himself that if he ever got to the point where he grew too cold, too hardened and the missions didn’t matter, then he’d get out. Working for his Delta brother’s security and investigation company seemed a logical choice, too. His attraction to the sexy tattoo artist next door…not so much. She brings more than his tattoo to life, she brings his body to life, as well. Too bad Christa is a single mother because he is far from father material to Dillan. But when her life is threatened and someone tries to abduct her little boy, the hunter and protector inside of Hunter resurfaces and heaven help the person who dared to take Christa and Dillan from his life.

HC Heroes Series

Bound together by a medal earning op, several servicemen leave the military behind to open an investigation company and heat up south Texas nights.

Book 1: Mac
Book 2: Carter
Book 3: Dex
Book 4: Gabe
Book 5: Cooper
Book 6: Dean
Book 7: RJ
Book 8: Hunter



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