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Wine and Scenery

Wine and Scenery
Citizen Soldier Series: Book 7/Ryder

His quiet life is about to get an unexpected makeover…

Sets aren’t the only thing Ryder builds when volunteering his construction expertise at the local theatre. A surprising friendship forms between him and a vivacious New Yorker. Working side-by-side with the visiting make-up artist whose ready smile and warm brown eyes slowly thaw the ice around his heart, he warms to the idea of acting on their attraction.

But when Sophia’s close-knit Italian family summons her back to the Big Apple, Ryder’s reminded of the past and how his ex-girlfriend chose family obligations over him. To make matters worse, he discovers Sophia lied about her family, because they’re the ones undercutting his bids and threatening his business. Did he give his heart to the right woman this time, or will he end up alone and discarded again, like last month’s scenery?

**Citizen Soldier Series**
Book 1: Wyne and Dine
Book 2: Wyne and Chocolate
Book 3: Wyne and Song
Book 4: Wine and a New Year Cowboy (Harland County Crossover Novella)
Book 5: Whine and Rescue
Book 6: Wine and Hot Shoes
Book 7: Wine and Scenery

**Read the whole series in Kindle Unlimited!**

**Now Available in Kindle Unlimited!**


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