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  • I have a set of twin boys, so it was fun to write my cowboy twins, Finn and Brett in COWBOY-SEXY and the upcoming sequel, COWBOY PAYBACK. What better way to enhance the sibling rivalry than to make one a Marine and one a Navy SEAL.
  • I suffer from the same autoimmune disease as my heroine Brandi from HER UNIFORM COWBOY. Having dealt with Hashimoto Thyroiditus for years and years, I felt it was time to put it in a book and bring awareness to this managable, yet pain in the butt disease.
  • My CITIZEN SOLDIER SERIES is set in the Poconos of Pennsylvania, which is about an hour from my house. It is beautiful all year round with a ton of outdoor activities to enjoy. And yes, some of the resorts have heart-shaped tubs, and even swimming pools in their honeymoon suites.
  • The hero in one of the very first books I wrote, Fated Hearts, which has been revised and is now HER FATED COWBOY, was inspired by Adrian Paul. Back at RT in 2006, I actually got to meet the wonderful actor. It was quite a thrill. I even have a picture. I’d cut myself out of it, but it’s proof I didn’t dream it up.
  • My husband is full time National Guard, and he and his peers have helped me portray the National Guard accurately in HER UNIFORM COWBOY, WYNE AND DINE, and WYNE AND CHOCOLATE.  His contacts in other branches of the service have also helped me with research for COWBOY-SEXY and COWBOY PAYBACK.
  • I gave the heroine in WYNE AND CHOCOLATE the first name Jill because of my author crush on Jill Shalvis. Someday, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to meet her. Of course, I can guarantee you I’ll be too tongue-tied to speak more than a ‘Hello’. I can’t believe I only just found her two years ago. Sheez, where have I been? Under a rock? Nope. Writing cave.