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Dear Reader,

It’s a well known fact that authors who become household names do so through word of mouth. How can you help your favorite authors? Simple. Become part of their street team.

I would like to invite you to join the Donna Michaels Street Team, a special group of readers who help promote my books. After much debate, and several days of feelers on Facebook, we came up with a name:Donna Michael’s Minions, my Minion Division.

I know through e-mails that many of you are already doing this by telling family and friends about my books. Thank you so much! I’m thrilled by your support, and I’d love to encourage you to continue to spread the word.

Street Team membership is open to all of my readers. There are a few things you can do, and I don’t want you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. No one is going to keep tabs on you or judge your participation level. I’ll be grateful for whatever you can do.

Some simple things to help spread the word about my books:

Review and Rate
One of the biggest hurdles for an author is discoverability and online presence. A rating or review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads is invaluable, and most appreciated. Honest reviews and ratings boost a book’s placement in searches, and that increases sales.

Whether online or in person, a simple recommendation can go a long way. The person you recommended my book to (or other author’s book) may enjoy the read, then in turn, start recommending on their own. And viola, new readers are introduced to that author. Another simple, but huge plus is the Recommend This Book feature on Goodreads.

Tags and Likes
Tagging simply helps readers find books in categories they enjoy. The more you tag my books to certain categories or descriptions, the more searches they’ll come up on.  Liking an author’s Amazon Author Page, Facebook Page and Book Detail Page all serve to boost the author’s name. You can never have enough boosting.

Follow and Share
Follow your favorite author on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or whatever platforms you prefer. Retweeting and Sharing an author’s post, book detail page, news, contests, sales milestones, interviews, blog posts and more, all help to get that author’s name out there to the masses.

New Release Help
When your favorite author has a new release, sales during the first week is what drives the title higher up the best seller lists and gives more people a chance of discovering that author. Loyalty is always appreciated, but it’s during the first week that the push is needed the most for the book to be seen by the most people. As for the big lists: NY Times Best Seller’s List and USA Today, it’s rumored that it’s the sales on the first week (including presales) that determines placement.

Pass out swag (author promo) from your favorite author to people you think would enjoy the author’s work. Never force promo on someone, or leave bookmarkers in other author’s books at a book store. A positive impression works best for an author to stick in someone’s mind.

 What are the Team Benefits?

 As a member of the Donna Michaels Street Team… 

You’ll have the chance to win books, gift certificates, and sometimes a special prize in monthly drawings exclusive to Street Team members.

You’ll receive an official Donna Michaels Street Team T-shirt…once I come up with a design I like!

There will be a place on my website where I will post pictures of Team Members in action.

You’ll enjoy an exclusive membership to the Donna Michaels Street Team Facebook Group Page where only those invited have access. Here you can discuss strategies that work, suggest new ones, maybe hook up for a fun lunch if you live near one another, or make plans to hook up at an upcoming conference. If I happen to be going to that conference, I will make plans to meet up with the team!! I will also stop into the group with some ‘inspirational’ treats, excerpts that were cut…and much more!

 Want to join Donna’s Team? All you have to do is one or more (would love you tons) of the above to get the word out about my books, email me at tell me what you’ve done and your success, and if you include your snail mail addy I’ll send you some swag to hand out to readers and booksellers, plus something special just for you for your help. Remember, I don’t want you doing anything you’re not comfortable doing. Any little bit helps. There is no judgment on participation, and no one else will know what it is you’ve done unless you tell them.

           Thank you so much for your interest, and whether or not you decide to become a Street Team Member, I want to thank you for reading!